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tv   Wake Up Early With the Wagners  NBC  February 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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fthe virst woteserea cstu jst a rshougo and ae hav lresuts beerni serandsep sweing inclton andhn joi kasch bngeati trump. 3-2 d >> iana:e lik c toallhi ts vimoayng dbt^tn iulit pol ithisves a mpry intorta f day cmanydaandites. soreme a goiov m put o >> : kimwe betdeconfus hond aralta siplxth coace beuld a rcpeen. sat idse clo pureanblice sids.hing weratheld cou be a fr.acto aicert nnlyot ato facr when ehavseaucurs hene iga daneva. el>> kwely: odr^oo l asfantereatht\ nssuehin d allarimil toaqu^es ydatery. yb e0 9:0mi6oon nd5 a at:0 401. 7 fatintaseac wtherto et g
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oor g pty a p lwe'lok lo w athat we're ctexpe fingheor tst re t ofhe week and the bigen val'stine daycl enweekgominep. >> : kimykell and i areh witin thame sea fmily ofo colrse mor teofhan tnot n ande won d'tla pn it. d >>: ana ahowbout yound a i? >> m: kiu yo see what i pickut o dann the you matche hitnsappe t allimhe t're we dkin nof o nhe toe samam fily. se'o wreit exced. fi h weave an sxtran i our stepa todty, i isau bec iset is exciting watching whats i ginog onne in w hhiampsre. >> tehrema sllow tns voted just after midnitgh. nohew tes rtf owneam hhipsre
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ot a be rak breingay d. o>>heut t door,in lutes o the .door >> di canesdatti con tnuerhei lfina aergumnts t.oday it>> 'ss is chre s evfor pociliti ianswn nehiampsa mind a alyou t getpa pnty saus cla hi>> ts iow nru ch ncmeti t>>mpruas h h ae ugadleer h thbut mbe nuwoer tt spoen uoew r fos.grab a uzcrbi, rud o anesic kas shbuve ha asorah sa r met g uuc tarlyroomor e.vot rlp earoomor g and yoriur fmaam erandss ihe a oadf incl itonhen tls pol. >> ill wi ask youctespellfu ptoeleassi congivin meth e anchceo t dois thob jor f. you >>od tay ise thas lt day and posll show more thanda hf aleth
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wiinllo t schwitir the vote at theas ltu minte. an>> de'a: whell cne liv withr tacyn ibo aut aal hfr hou fromow n. > >>eia nrhghbooodnd aam fily grnievihg teae dthf o a o-tw-oyearldin as leg vas. crsowdat gdhereo tou mrnhe t deathf oly even greens aol pice couentin theea shrcor ft h the lilettir go eanonmotiigal nasht ligt nmb esiapecnvelyot's mna: ancinounong t's sheraremo pranegnna cryarg ine cldhihi w experiencing the loss of her onlyghauter. nohew sts wan tan m who kleild he lrtitle gliro tte sp fwaor.rd >he> s'oi ggn toav he toi lve wiht it, damre wthi it, bareeth
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iy pra tod gorne tuim hlfsed .ine whoever you are, turn yourself yn. touk oo dmyghaur,tey m es ltosy mghaur.te i lost my evelyn. d>>aanif: ou yan cperdel hceoli^ infds peron who hiti lttle ev gelyn areenoond tkff on o sundayve e,ningle p caseall imcreto ss.pper >> nkim:toow aev dinelopg story thata hess tiso al toda y carnlifohaia tdet enghd riret hesla inth souneern hvadao as tdo a aedccus tardil k wler who wallolamo t we licaiaforn j n'dory worh, tisni moreng h is wa ukingehp binds bare her in sornutheki ns ta po tliceusell t thaenstevmse wrhtig c wast augheryestday wh hilinid ogn t ane nheaevad in un iperouldt snew, they onlal loc leteonvisiti sta tonoke ta you siinde them roohe were h had
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he wasta misglkinyseeleae agro fhi loa ges an jles laile k. wee thheed tse e ith a ccaleril roerer h g totoo gre fe. ashe wctonvioan a gl larede murr. >> lowro p,fileom ce inhe too dr and i try to givei hmow telsan d erevinythasg wm frons iide the do hor,eou w'tldnn opeh ter. doo oi'mk manju st leavehe tm by the d ay>> mhabe tppt tiffed opl peoe gtoolet p ticeino fertim h. ihe heing n ahe ndhenersoen dettionte cenr. 20a -d,000arolla rewrd\lni feof frednfor itiormad leaing theo tahtu capgh writ. iitle uncfar ion anye isn goig tot gee t tha20dewarlaaey mon.
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retporle calsi webpo weans. ftheullpo rertir aingo tig nht one n3ws e liv at. 11 >>uy bingun gsui qcknd aa esy online sales wutitho a grback cound.heck apit h ipensn nevada. is itoo ga ider oindagino rws prtiac?ce how gsun arecq aduireom datinse bdeesatt ame dninveonrsations. we'll tlelnoias ou y hun g buyers e ar s thetighenop pe segllins guneeoplticv sol cr.imes i>> canns awerou yrd, a pusercha theun g,o nti futll o anyap porerwk and noac bukgrond ecchisk cctondued. inow g uo tsehe gun in a ce,rim wlaor enfntcemeov rec tershe gun in la ri c ace tralate t it, noare int go tg to traceguhat tback.o mei co >> s youhaee wppt hawhens een wnd
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tguns, o usacno bunkgroecd ch . no id. atthal is mil co mng uvaon t 3ewsve li :0110. im>> kf: it tha ist pasou yr bemedti, dvrha ttkiespo rert. wllan aelanrn leate sinethinm frofo .that ydonn andie mar odsmonnv ungeili rthei f waxesigur. eyth arereineadl aerstlath amfl t on lhisas vegas p.stri trighor befhe tew shoig tonht eyth are ggoin toei unvlir the -likewax. >> > c ofseour theus meumre whe wtheyille bou hsed isantes t ade ryveot negoniati. iin thky theed end outt lasr yea thwike mi m b the uninveilg. ethro b-stherriste duoe havn bee
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cade re wdana s ying d s thed thos ast ahma as m aariend came out of his aoom winalkown the hallht rig bdehin her. tfele likhe was sintalkg. her an>> doa: d youog recnizeha t?t 'lwe tllel you more ouabhi t mico ungp. >> im kri: erot.s gegoo tak t ye toueh
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tgo eryveeon >> a: dan it is 7 :41 i nnew shhamp airendro appatximels pol aren. ope >> : kimn'is it nteicin seeg oppeleoi dsir theic civy. dut d velier covthage horoughiut ti oabrt.dcas >> w> no t we takeouo yrdlori wha ere isguy in facsag asult chsargeer aft t he gaalli itordy wen'sri dve thghrou ww.indo >> a: dan s thecuspeect ryentl ta ikennto cdyusto. ujoshama jes pedullto up t edrivghhrouftnd aer the rse he r oveafriis denk hs ssto ted a ahree hnd afoalf ot rgadado winna he:saceerg chaiera aggedvat ulassandt aaw unl pfulssosseion
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hisar psentay she t itidenasgrav hassrmlenk pra b has beennlow oway outi_po pron.rtio h>>ada ahe'spi stuidd kh tat\lamacid do idstup p.rank adhe h no plerobmni turng mhi iselfn. y >>reou a sgayins he's u olviso per bs>> aelolutoty n. tis wateal totnk pra >>tdmitoed tnangickip u toaganr o theid sfe ohe toa rd
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aurestt ranandat ler relea k >>tim: hhereeas ben ara tyged iner otwai trrans cshedea hd on and isthme hamard e[s tayod inleav lg at eeast pighteeopl ,dead.]40ome userio aur injed. ea rrlytseporlniin sayae mor t ethrers houe afther cra, emncergeyer ssviceer weti sll tryingo t r peache eoplwho2 de trd appeinwith w theagreck emncergeliy heercoptnds laing rrehe aopa h tingr antrtsporeeopl t tod spholita a anda lf om theo.
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a ssppokeoners for thema gern defe praleolicin sayhag tt gireon isd har to get toin makg rescueor efftsfi dif.cult an>> desa: rcueor wkersse u inmach teryoa t getsigu ppleom ribun ed iola cselaph- higrise apeartmuint bg ldinrafteif wepo erfulquarthcaake ^deato it br llco tapse dhreeagays o. adeolth ttal scit aler aftes 6that.4a mannyge as tueday quake. al amosthell tea dthse hav cuocdrre ihn tisrt apament dbuiling. more t 1han00pl peoe aret sill evbelioed t t beedrappn i that deidbr. >> im k t: rtiio ong the6, stetreofs on hkog ongrnvehtig?. calo alhouttiri trying tot prenevtr steeoo ff sleelc fmro sthis phowsceoliir fngi wnargin
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persre disietisfitd wonh hg ngkoin admtrisioatak tgin part inhe t cshlase throwing bricks at police, lighting fires on the stetres. an ienntesit stiua ponlaying out on thetr stseef onghoon kg. this mayti sll be gngoin. o >> an d ia:aw sn a oicffer get hit orve theea h with look alikele tab. to day reseleaiss hg budomro pl.posa thidas i da'bamtudge prsaopol. nymaie belve thisud bget has littlenc chae to bedo adpte as three pensidt fsaceff sti pooponsitim froe thep rcublian led.ouse k >> fim:ueat t.sday thsis i tinal day ordf mai .gras rand nightow we have ae liv olooknr youee scrn. an>> dha: tuat gsy imb stuglin ndarouht rigre the. >> hkim:roe pybablas hn'tee bn toet bet y. held wou bein wgdinow dn and heottirs sllsl aeep. thsat irb bouon st,tree the
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cusetri iy gs toingo be thigrte anthev terayod wthi aot l of rvsulleicane. th fe.i.b. saying visoitrs shldouss ameuhe t ayree bgin lfidmend ae w kwno teyhav he muipltarle eth casamer bseecau pweullm thea up ll thee tim in laseg so10me 1li0 po oceerfficns o control, a lot ofhe tme arnd uer cover. the werth wtheaerho sdulot nff atec theve es.nt eyth areoi dng j fust iinen the utsosthea. lals thids ad upo tg biey mon. 84ll0 mi tion theyhinkei bng pudmpeo inthe t lalocco emyno ndat i's olyn:4 47ig rhtde wech're ngeckili in itve wact sawhrah go is toing io beln ali heof tne mad lss ae ittlr.laten d >> gana: toinge o seheif spar
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e thetstreoks loe likt righe im>> ke': shprs a siofes sonaln prshe leobabed trige to met sod ca sl d >> kana: nellyoiow js ns uu m a k checheon tec forro k >>: elly awhatge gordaous os yedaster gy toheet tdo winn enop g andutet o fside v ttliitle bt okloth at imis tpse laome frle red a heemre ttupera g youz h re tadyd hea tco hesnder5on 5el night encent 4nial9. 'vweene ber atweinher er othts parth of trcounity qubie a e t th lecoupda of ithisw s neanenglghd riw.t noe a inmaeie seheng tk bulheof tholq tiac.vityu eaa br nk inamew hrepshis a pe hoplengeadith to lle pots bu purresscoll sti i p
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nagaio tday. nwindds uer five msiles datoa erovtnigh ttnigha clees ski, f45thor owe ld ane oncn,agai lookhiat tazs amy. rrtomoe ow wd coul tevenheie t rrecoigd hh4 7. kloot a that. k >> iim:if n' didtov le it sola , muchali'd fmostorad fs ybeverelody n se iicamera. i't dono oscl ahh t >> a: danw neayolic for the tina fonalalootblgu leael wil stretrics thoevi condcte of rtce cainsrimem froen attgdin theom cnebi. ethea legu wlil bna atethles gfrom toing toheo cinmbein diinaanlipo isey th have been icconvted of slexua altssau, doesmctiio vcelenr oea wpons nsoffees. the cbiomneor f cgeolle osprctpe sswiho tnghefl nhe tir ilsk tls goetft draed.
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to a bkgacunrod cckhel wil be enprev ftedromen ear ppatici.tingspns im>> k h: weneave nws oo enn joh iemanzisl thni morhang teroou wlas prt evenfrhim arom ppatici hain tt. awe creebeltiraengos are gngoio tp ardwa wedhita a gehuar pe ad tincy cito.oday pno thncro f deaefngtihe t ntparshe4- 2.10 ethic vrytoas ween legel penytoir*ni man hon secped sua wlbo. win thnot e at hedplay t allwehat gio bu gt hehaot tpet suwlr bog. rin o mheesatch b hiserrothi., el a hf ans hetthaid reey aedeadpal e dilasneynd. hed diat thsth houg ln' didar itte on silevion. thare quf teatnntio a inimnaheerdeste
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shiil famit whm. hion ytpenganni, yout jus won the superow bl,t wha are youoi gng dtooow n andy the say'm ioi gng wto daltylisne.and i >>t jusaltnv identela pce. ahe seid h tlo luga har dwbuereisr bee andon e of his plsayer i buyort fi hm. da>> hena: d sai a lot of dwbureiser. bee coa reasrd wis .5$132li milagon wdereal legly ihin t.tateund eth h. 10% thstns meaadlaar spo dida ere pl wel oher tra enweekd. a pyrettd gooet p leunchonpe hapning eryestday. wthisas ace pladante to
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minosneea gedthern i onela pce for a photo oorf sts. sytelvestar sellon votedor fis h workn icr ""eed. itis's hir fst nnaomi uce sinn d 7719. enwhed askut abo o the vediyrsitclason ctroversy, sellon yssa he bsievesyvotrabos c ldshou have gotten more teatisn he. rol ou>> yrritheco aesr sebe isext. tihink shoulde havn beedaa ivg mlotctespe attitenon. io dli beevet thang thisl wil ch,anges it't jusa at mterf o time. evalentullly aal tentl wilis re ot theo tp. >>h te oars fuaebr8.ry 2 ch rrisock is hngosti andhe tre heis t team photo of all of the caosr neeomins. whyld wouy theen attd this thing?
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elsbowh wit ycal felctow a aors acsetres tec rdeive s awags q bartg woim estdate20 $0.0,00 >> lkim: gady iaganhe tix m. hess reo tcibtl hus botm fro frscancio. ladyag gai ddhe t nnaatiol emanth t foruphe soer bnwl ad hado tu hstle down to hwoollyod ot a be part oft tha prictue. an>> dtha: eec dir otorfheev r then. k >>weim: t'regakin y theou backo tat syurdaa:th wi efne o mctke talorut abo d m de tbatehat airedn o nbc. d >> aana:enppar ttly hhereave be aen lotf o encntraesha tt ha'tvene gon soel wl.kimom r >>teeporher: tpe des
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to ulds a chain rioeact onf gecrint, i could hvea been worse. no oneel fik l missrimea,c ono aot concussion or trpeipve o a rared c wpethile signginhe tat nlionant ahemn o stage. theeb deatnt iduroicton was justnan crinlyedibwa awk tistarsoar dnn'id spredoniso he nam for the viob rousneaso and justelnzo h wsu rscaeeon sdy reao tdv aance tedru cz crewedru c czedruisy. b >>h tat is shometing ylou'l rneve seein aga jeb bushsi pasng
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o >> fnly wourere there. chrisis chrtieun volerte.ed atwh mess tweeteden w williams. mesometi ysroura ent cnce gano efinnd a then it's timer fo your .exit mbremeern wheem remberd ha outr hbleinandlgesprtidenh bus hadbltrouend haling thek loced do iorsnn chia. iwhenomt ceso tl haiinges the ch,iefset bterai hlhe tmeroud.
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im>> kweim: we'r im>> ke: then cutessto facr
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ithatsve liom frhi wasn,ngto cd. d >> bana:sebeill stie. beb notte quiix son m othsldet y.
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iomilloln dlars a itsmiahsonn. im>> kti: voegng bins. ethubn cout^tetvy'trrss fiimt prary un wder aay ws.peak rethesm_nre acom aeew fma sowll t tnshat haveea alr cdyastlo balts and we vhaeul restsd heaedou yray w. an>> dfia: und ohit wch law kma aersren goi tgopo suprt the ndbuyth bro.ers im>> ki: dr bvers traceelhemsves wti staequan cones crngashin. dow llwe'e tak t you tne sce of thpsollae. >> an d ga:dooor mngni. lcweeom .in
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